TT2Master on Android 11

With Android 11 there is a critical change regarding scoped storage. With scoped storage being introduced in Android 10 one app can no longer access private data of another app. But publishers still had the option to request old behavior. This request worked out if the manufacturer allowed it – which most did.

On Android 11 this request is no longer possible which has huge impact on TT2Master as the app relies on the save file lying in a no longer accessible subdirectory of android/data – the private directory of GameHive’s Tap Titan 2.

In addition to that you as a user do not have access to android/data yourself. You will need to connect your device to a computer in order to manage this data.

Here is how TT2Master currently works:
On first start the app will check if you installed Tap Titans 2 in the default directory. If that is true this information will be saved as a setting. If not you will be asked to provide a valid path to the savefile (and the result of that request will be saved as a setting).

Given that this setting is present – each time you reload data the app copies your save file to the private directory of TT2Master and then reads from it.

What is the consequence?

TT2Master detects if you have permissions to copy the save file. If you do not have permission you are most probably on Android 11. You will then be prompted to provide a valid file path (meaning a path with proper permissions).

TT2Master will no longer be able to provide you with updated data by itself. Sadly you will need to update the save file by yourself.
I will try to explain it somewhat more graphical:

<Tap Titans save file> -> The save file which GameHive writes to it’s own private directory.
<TT2Master setting> -> the save file path setting pointing to <Tap Titans save file>
NEW (with version TT2Master 1.98.0 and above)
<Tap Titans save file> -> The save file which GameHive writes to it’s own private directory.
<save file for TT2Master> -> A copy of above made by yourself
<TT2Master setting> -> the save file path setting pointing to <save file for TT2Master>

How to do this?

As always there are multiple ways. I will provide you an example proven to be working with the use of PowerShell.

First you need to connect your device with a computer. after that you run this script here

# powershell script to copy Tap Titans 2 save file to Documents directory
# make sure that you have a directory called Documents
# if you have tap titans installed on your SD card you have to adjust the path accordingly

$driveName = 'Captain Urin'; #typically the name of your phone

$shell = New-Object -com Shell.Application;
$shellItem = $shell.NameSpace(17).Self;

$phone = $shellItem.GetFolder.Items() | Where-Object { $_.Name -eq $driveName };
$root = $phone.GetFolder.Items().Item(0);

$android = $root.GetFolder.Items() | Where-Object { $_.Name -eq 'Android' };
$data = $android.GetFolder.Items() | Where-Object { $_.Name -eq 'data' };
$tt2 = $data.GetFolder.Items() | Where-Object { $_.Name -eq 'com.gamehivecorp.taptitans2' };
$tt2Files = $tt2.GetFolder.Items() | Where-Object { $_.Name -eq 'files' };
$tt2Save = $tt2Files.GetFolder.Items() | Where-Object { $_.Name -eq 'ISavableGlobal.adat' };

$docs = $root.GetFolder.Items() | Where-Object { $_.Name -eq 'Documents' };
$docs.GetFolder.CopyHere($tt2Save, 0x14);

Write-Host "File copied";
Read-Host "Press ENTER to end...";

After you updated the file you have to point TT2Master to that directory. As mentioned above the app will prompt you for a path if it does not have access so you should be good to go.
If you want to change the save file path for TT2Master you can do that from within the settings menu.

* Instead of using this script you can also copy the file manually

The future of TT2Master

Well, to tell you about the future we first have to travel a little bit back in time.
I originally made TT2Master to save time and to automate a few things.
The app and it’s community have grown ever since and so did the amount of features.

But still, the main objective has ever since been to save time. I am not sure how to feel about having to be connected to a pc in order to get updated data. I can not tell you how this whole scoped storage thing behaves on rooted devices (could maybe work as prior to Android 11 but I do not know that).

I will try to keep TT2Master running for as long as possible under consideration of your feedback. I also wrote with GameHive’s Support about this. The proper solution would be a REST api for third party apps like TT2Master to consume. They do consider it – but creating an api for third party apps isn’t very high on their list of priorities and will most likely not come in time. Little side note: An api would also allow TT2Master to be on iOS 😛

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  2. Tythesly Antworten

    Hello! It is possible for somebody to access the games data itself. If you have the app SD Maid you can use the explorer function to go to the games data folder and copy and paste the save file in a new location. I just did it myself and it works just fine.

    • Tythesly Antworten

      Well scratch that… It gives me a different error when it reads the file something about a vector.

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