TT2Master and the clipboard export

This post is meant as a follow up of TT2Master on Android 11 – Jack Fistelmann.
GameHive made a cliboard export which TT2Master supports. However, the functionality inside the app differs from having the savefile as a data source.

What is the difference between clipboard and savefile as data source?

Here’s a list of differences between both data sources.

Automatic in app updateworks until Android 11No automatic update
Raid Managementworksworks
Skill optimizerworksworks
Equip advisorworksNot supported
Artifact optimizerworksworks
Artifact overviewworksworks
Clan overview (including members)worksNot supported
Automatic exportworksNot supported
Notification on banned playersworksNot supported
Clan MessagesworksNot supported
Player comparisonworksNot supported
Abyssal tournamentsworksNot supported
Tournament player viewworksNot supported
Crafting advisorworksworks
Export pageworkslimited
Reporting ModuleworksNot supported
Functional differences

So why are there differences? This is simply due to the fact that the savefile contains a lot more information than the clipboard export. As for the automatic update – there was a change made with Android R (11) where one app can no longer access another apps specific data. As the Tap Titans 2 app stores it’s savefile properly in it’s own directory there is no way for me to read it anymore.

Luckily GameHive made the clipboard export to allow third party applications like TT2Master to still work.

But in the long run, more and more devices run on Android 11 and will most likely use the clipboard export as a data source. If the clipboard export does not deliver more information I will most likely have to remove some modules from the app.

How to use the cliboard export?

  1. Open Tap Titans 2 and go to the settings menu. Click on „Export“

2. Open TT2Master. Then click „Import data from clipboard“ located in the dashboard.


* In the past there has been an issue if you have a language other than english set in Tap Titans 2 as the export was localized. The language in TT2Master does not influence the import of data. This issue happened because the clipboard export content was for some reason localized and TT2Master could not map the data correctly

** If you experience wrong data displayed in TT2Master after importing clipboard data, restart Tap Titans 2 and repeat the data transfer process described above. In the past it happened that Tap TItans 2 produced weird content in the clipboard export.

How to use savefile on Android R (11) and above?

As described in my previous post you need to copy the savefile to somewhere TT2Master has access (this will most likely be a public directory on your phone). You will also find a script there which you can use to handle this task.

By default, TT2Master tries to read data from /storage/emulated/0/Android/data/com.gamehivecorp.taptitans2/files/ISavableGlobal.adat
* This is the default path if you installed Tap Titans 2 on your device storage. This path is different if you installed the game somewhere else (like an external SD Card).

The bold „data“ is the part where TT2Master cannot go further with Android 11. You can for example connect your phone to a pc and copy the file manually to some other directory.
Then, open TT2Master and change the path where the savefile is expected.
You can do that by clicking „Change path to savefile“ in the settings menu.
A file picker will open. If you do not see your internal data press the three dots and click on „Show internal storage“.

If you select your new file, make sure to select it like this:
Still in the file picker – click on the three lines button to open the left menu titled „Open from“. Click on SDCARD or somewhere else where you copied the file. But do not use the shortcuts Recent, Images, Audio etc. (sorry for this, but if you use it TT2Master will receive a strange file path which it cannot handle yet).

From now on TT2Master will load data from the new path. If you want to update your data, you need to first update the file (by copying it from the path shown above to your custom directory). If you reload something in TT2Master it will automatically read in the new data.

How to change the data source?

Open TT2Master and navigate to the settings. Click on „change data source“.
Follow instructions.

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