TT2Master – abyssal tournaments

Hello 🙂
I took a look at the abyssal tournaments and how TT2Master can support them. As of today (2020-12-20) there is nothing in the clipboard export which I can put into the app.
I noticed that GH made a separate savefile for this and that TT2Master can access it.

This means that I can provide support for Android users below version 11 (Android R).
I will release an update so you can switch between the default savefile and the abyssal savefile. Hopefully there will be a clipboard export in future.

How to use the abyssal save file today

First go to settings and click this little button here

a file picker will open. click on the 3 dots and make sure that internal storage is shown

Then on the left side navigate to your device and the following path:


Then take ISavableGlobalChallenge.adat

restart the app after you changed this and TT2Master points to your abyssal save file.

if you want to change back you need to repeat above steps and pick ISavableGlobal.adat

Abyssal save file after the update

There is a new button on the dashboard. Click it to change between the default save file and the abyssal save file

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